Windows and Lexmark Printer Drivers

I have 2 accounts on my home PC: Administrator and Adele. Adele is a user account, Administrator is root. I have a Lexmark printer. The default paper size is US Letter rather than A4. Adele doesn’t have write access to change the printer settings. To fix this I logged out of Adele’s account and logged in as Administrator, and changed the default paper size to A4. I then logged in as Adele again, to find that the default paper size is still US Letter. It seems that the Lexmark software stores a seperate setting per user, but users don’t have the ability to change their settings. This is why I don’t like Windows on this week.

Last week I didn’t like Windows because it overwrote Grub, my bootloader. I had to do some poking with a Fedora CD today to re-install the copy of GRUB that Windows XP silently removed.

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  1. Alan Says:

    Erm, this will probably do it for you (this has not been tested :) :

    When logged in as Adele, run the following command:

    runas /env /user:%COMPUTERNAME%\Administrator “%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe”

    That should run Windows explorer as Administrator but using Adele’s environment and profile. Navigate to printers from here and change the paper setting. RunAs caches credentials (a feature, I believe ;), so you’ll need to log off to clear any caching it does.

    Like I said, I’ve not tested this at all - it *should* work, but it might not. The credentials might not be passed on to the printers applet or Windows might just use Administrator’s profile (it not supposed to of course). Let me know what happens :)

    The alternative is to add Adele to the Power Users or Administrators group, log in as Adele, change the paper size, then log out and remove Adele from Power Users/Administrators.

    Let me know how you get on…


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